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Women In Hip Hop Elevating The Game Today

There is no doubt women have been dominating the mainstream hip hop scene. To name a few: Artist’s like GloRilla, Sexyy Red, and who can forget the pumpkin spice hottie, Ice spice. Women have the rap game in a choke hold. Mainstream hip hop will always be mainstream hip hop, promoting what’s hot and the popular hit on social media. Nothing seems to change, and it’s business as usual, unfortunately. Although, for those of us hip hop fanatics who like some substance and a refresher from the mainstream machine, we have a remedy for you!

We rounded up three relatively unknown female rap artists who elevate the game today. They are wordsmiths, lyrical queens, and some are even mistresses of rap. These ladies have shown they have what it takes to be the next big thing. Here’s the list:

1. Sol ChyYldNew Jersey’s Raising Star

Sol ChyYld recently released her track “Choice” and dropped a captivating video to accompany the lyrical masterpiece. The New Jersey-based emcee has been impressing with her lyrical skills and self-proclaimed “old soul.” Her style and demeanor evoke confidence in her ability to deliver substance-based music. The hook from “Choice” backs up this statement: “When we on the field who gunna lose Learn all the games I break those rules.” Check out the video below: 


The self-titled Mistress of rap or MOR was born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Being from the west coast, the sound and styles of cali have influenced her sound and lyrical delivery. She was influenced highly by the golden era of hip hop during the 90’s and 2000’s. She recently released a video to her track “All I Got”, which delivers a punch of goodness the hip hop game is missing. She’s passionate about her city and represents proudly in “All I Got.” Make sure to listen and watch below:

3. Soufside Kathleen – The Triple Threat

Reporting live from the heart of downtown Oxnard, California Soufside Kathleen has already left a positive mark with her latest song: “PLENTY!”. Soufside Kathleen is a versatile artist who not only an emcee, but also a screenwriter and writer on her own. She is the definition of versitile when it comes to lyricism, and her rhymes back it up. “PLENTY!” is an aide-memoire that her shortcomings can be remodeled into a hit single.” Her latest mixtape, Treat Us Like Delicacy, is a must listen and demonstrates how versatile her pen game is. Soufside Kathleen is gearing up to be the hometown hero she’s already knows she is. Check out “PLENTY!”: