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Witchitaw Slim – Can’t Get Stirred/Bless The Ride

Witchitaw Slim released his EP Southern Cafe and is streaming on all major DSPs. Hailing from Selma, Alabama, the southern rapper delivers a passionate project with a smooth south vibe. His sound is has a relax and confident delivery keep you listening. Tracks like “That’s All” take you through a day in a life back when life was easier being a kid. It touches on nostalgia and realizing how much one has grown in life. Along with the EP drop, Witchitaw Slim released a performance video for “Can’t Get Stirred/Bless The Ride.” Check out some of the tracks we like:

Track #1: “Can’t Get Stirred”

Track #5: That’s All”

Track #3: “Bless The Ride”