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Ron Obasi releases New Album: THIRTY SUNZ

Nashville is blessing the hip-hop with amazing artist and Ron Obasi is no exception. The 30 year old artist rang in his birthday by dropping his latest album THIRTY SUNZ. Things to check off my checklist: Drop an album on my birthday. Check. Thanks to Nashville artist Ron Obasi, we can aspire to maybe one day dope an album on your birthday. The album Ron Obasi shared on Instagram was “intentionally dedicated to the young knucklehead me obsessed with black heroes & black powers – who eventually grew into his own.” THIRTY SUNZ is a dedication to his personal growth and the process it has taken to elevate to new heights mentally.

The humble hip-hop artist embraces that he is still working towards “his final form.” Ron Obasi is as authentic as they come and an artist we recommend you get familiar with. He has been consistent musically and has released a versatile body of work.

Listen to THIRTY SUNZ: https://bit.ly/thirty-sunz-ron-obasi