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Kidd Lee: Chapter 20

Wilmington, North Carolina is home to the blessed and gifted Kidd Lee. At the ripe age of 18 it’s clear to see confidence, radiance, and faith makeup this talented artist. She gained exposure after winning a Triller music competition, which led to recording a song with the Migos Quavo. There’s no doubt she’s been working post the Triller competition. Her recent album release: “Chapter 20” is a true testimony to her lyrical skills, confidence on the mic, and maturity. The 13 track album dives into identity, faith, societal struggles, ambition, and breaking through even when it seems impossible.

The first track: “Intro/I Am” talks about being true to yourself and not letting outside factors determine who you are. A reminder to stay true to your self-beliefs despite what others may say. It’s apparent that faith and God are heavily present in the life of Kidd Lee and her music. God is present and embodies the entire album and helps to discover what fuels and motivates Kidd Lee. Chapter 20 proves to be a true testimony of her life, ideals and morals. 

Each track emits honesty, realness, and motivation to succeed and keep going despite up hill battles. Track 5: “Head Not The Tail” represents her ambition to keep thriving, take charge and lead passionately. And who can forget about people who serve little value to our lives: the fakes, phonies, and haters. “Reveal The Snakes” is the perfect track to address what seemingly seems part of the human experience. Kidd Lee says, “Exposing the fakes, people plotting, let them go, let them flow…”. This album is definitely something new, refreshing, and needed in today’s hip hop landscape. We need more music like Kidd Lee’s, filled with meaning and substance. We like to think it contains healing properties and enriches the soul to whoever listens to it. We at Hip Hop For Good salute Kid Lee and her phenomenal work on Chapter 20! Stay blessed, stay hungry!

Listen and find out more about Kid Lee: https://linkr.bio/kiddleemusic

IG: @thakiddlee

We recommend you listen to:

  • Track #4: “Unshakeable”
  • Track #5: “Head Not The Tail”
  • Track #7: “So Blessed”
  • Track #8: “Reveal The Snakes”