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Saba ft. Krayzie Bone – Come My Way

Come My Way music video

Take a trip through the westside of Chicago with Saba where life’s daily struggles are nothing more than an obstacle to overcome by any means. Saba highlights, “work” and “survival” as a reality in his world among the people around him. “Come My Way” represents the daily motivation to raise up and find a way to elevate in accomplishing your means of surviving. Saba partners up with Krayzie Bone on this smooth track and then smoother chorus: “Daydreaming thinking how to get some money And then we good And then we good And then we’ll be good“. Most impactful he states, “Poverty song was a concept I considered for this one. “All I’m doing [is] thinking how to get some money, and then we’ll be good.” A false statement, but one that I believed at a point, and many others believe right now.”